Why have HAL Designs create a website for you? Because we design truly unique, custom, affordable web sites! Web sites don’t have to cost a fortune and the process doesn’t have to be complicated.  Your clients will find the information they’re looking for within seconds of visiting your site. We offer a personalized service and have over 14 years experience in website design, and web content management.

  • We do NOT create websites bombarded by advertisements.
  • Your website will be easy for visitors to navigate through so they won’t get frustrated and leave.
  • Your website will be well organized so visitors find the information they are looking for, quickly and easily.
  • Your website will have a custom designed, creative look that will stand out from the rest, and will be unique on the web.
  • Your website will appear in the top 10 search results when someone goes looking for your company name on the web.

Why have a web site? More than any other reason, a web site can offer clients and potential clients the information about your products or services they are looking for any time of the day. There are no business hours on the web. The public can get info about your business, send you a question or feedback, make reservations, or even purchase one of your products any time they wish, night or day. Having a website is like having someone working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Advertising: Over 600 million people use the internet worldwide for research purposes, and shopping. The internet offers a wealth of information, so why wouldn’t you want your business to be accessible to all these potential clients? It can only be a good thing and offer you the possibility of attracting more business.

In today’s world having a website, no matter how big or how small, is a vital tool for any business. HAL Designs being a smaller firm in the world of web designers, can give your business a presence on the world wide web for the most reasonable price!


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