Q:  Do you meet with clients face to face?

A:  Yes, it is possible to arrange a meeting to go over the details of your website design, but most of the time contact with clients is done through email, skype video chat and telephone meetings.

Q:  How long before my website is uploaded to the web?

A:  Usually the normal time frame for having websites created and uploaded to the web is approximately 2-4 weeks.

Q:  What information do you provide for the website?

A:  We provide all design & images for the website, unless the client specifies to use certain images that he/she provides.

Q:  Do you compose all text for the website?

A:  Since the client knows the business best, we generally ask the client to prepare the text for most pages and we insert it for them.

Q:  Do you use pre-made templates or do you design websites from scratch?

A:  We design websites from scratch based on the client’s demands, preferences, and business needs.  We will however design a website into a pre-made template that the client chooses if that is what is requested.

Q:  Can I update or edit my website myself once it’s created and uploaded to the web?

A:  Yes.  Upon signing a web design contract with us, if you make this request, we will then arrange to create the website in a site design suite in the web hosting control panel that will allow editing by anyone you choose.

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